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What is it

The V2P Prehensor is an alloy made hook device. It contains exchangeable tips. These tips are covered with exchangable rubber covers. These can be modified to maximize grip strength.

The V2P closes automatically as it contains the option to use rubbers. The type and amount of rubbers determine the closing force of the V2P. There is a slider to vary the distance of the rubbers to the V2P joint. The slider changes the lever angle and allows an instant increase or decrease of the V2P’s grip strength and closing force.

Construction, function

The V2P allows virtually any type of rubbers. They can be household material or specialized equipment. The cable control is mounted on a slit containing metal plate.

The shape of the claws is a vast improvement through continuation of the Trautman hook.

The rubber strength settings are an improvement of early fifties design principles that were later used in the Otto Bock Movohook.

The hook joint is superior to any previously constructed joint as its design provides a far more wiggle free interval than Otto Bock or Hosmer Dorrance hooks.

Comparison to other products

The V2P Prehensor contains claw shapes similar to the very useful and popular Trautman hook. A similarly useful shape is approximated in some work hooks by Hosmer Dorrance.

The V2P contains exchangeable wide rubber covered vertically mounted claw tips. The grip power is good already at lower strength settings but at higher rubber pulls, grip is extremely good. It by far exceeds usefulness regarding grip strength and everyday usefulness of Otto Bock Movohook.

The price of the V2P is lower than Otto Bock hooks and higher than American hooks such as by Hosmer Dorrance.

Contact / order

Bradley D. Veatch
2514 West 104th Circle
Westminster, Colorado 80234-3508, USA