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The wrist connector contains a lock that operates as fast quick release lock similar to the ones available in drill machines. The device is built using hard holding steel (Ramax).


The puepp+ch+en ball lock wrist allows for fast switch of the rotational angle of the terminal device. At the same time, it remains stable and wiggle free without particular interference or support other than keeping it clean. Subtle changes in angles are easy to accomplish. Weights can be pulled at least up to amounts that will tear off the plastic cup and pin of an Ossur Upper X liner.

How to unlock it (images)

How to unlock it (description)

1. Grab switch ring.

2. Pull ring towards arm.

3. Turn ring until it stays there

4. Remove adapter.

How to lock it (images)

How to lock it (description)

1. Insert adapter with terminal device.

2. Grab switch ring.

3. Turn ring to release it so it moves towards terminal device.

What this wrist unit does not contain

  • This wrist unit does not contain a safety release. Once it is locked it is supposed to stay locked.
  • It is not self-cleaning. With increasing accumulation of dust, sand, dirt or corrosion, the lock may be impeded or damaged but generally, one has to assume that this wrist will not unlock automatically.
  • This wrist does not contain any flexion or extension. The only degree of freedom offered is rotation around the longitudinal axis.


The wrist unit is currently laid out to fit into Otto Bock standard wrist setups – the adapter is made for bolts with a central bore matching the ~16mm of Otto Bocks’ Nutzapfen-bolts and the wrist unit has a diameter and depth to fit Otto Bock’s socket mount specifications.

We also manufacture adapters for the UNF 1/2-20 thread that is common in the United States of America.

But other terminal device or wrist specifications can be adapted to.

If in doubt, please get in touch.


The actual manufacturing and material would easily cost you a lot more. A full cost estimate for 1 wrist is around 5000 CHF. However, this is in part a pro bono effort, which can be afforded as we do not expect there to be many orders.

MDP Meili AG is specialized for small series and high precision design so we can offer this for material and work cost, plus 10% to be collected in a development funds:

1 wrist unit, 2 adapters: 1500 CHF

1 adapter: 100 CHF

Contact / order

Please get in touch with Roman Meili.